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      1. Mutianyu Great Wall
      Mùtiányù (慕田峪) is a recently renovated stretch of Wall that sees a lot of tourists and is fairly easy to reach from Běijīng. It&
      1. Huanghuacheng Great Wall
      Less touristy than other parts of the Great Wall close to Běijīng, Huánghuā Chéng (黄花城) is an extremely rewarding, and impossibly st
      1. Jinshanling Great Wall
      The Jīnshānlǐng (金山岭) section of the Great Wall is a completely restored stretch, but it's so far from Běijīng that it sees far fewer touris
      1. Badaling Great Wall
      The mere mention of its name sends a shudder down the spine of hardcore Wall walkers, but Bādálǐng (八达岭) is the easiest part of the Wall t
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    搬家的损坏赔偿问题、对于贵重物品的损坏,应请有关部门估价后进行赔偿;   如果家中有有大型的吊灯 、先把灯具拆下来之后 、然后在装入箱子里 。而且外边一定要注明好了。  搬家时如果我们的家里有花瓶之类等物品的时候一定先要包装好,以免在搬家的时候发生损害,这样就有点得不偿失了。  搬家的时候有的玻璃太大了,我们就要找专门的车辆来运输  搬家时 、如果家里养着鸟类的话 。搬家当天在鸟笼子里放入含水的脱水布 。再用黑色的布盖上 、轻轻的放到车上 、